Welcome to the Wellhead Protection (WHP) Zones Online Open House.

In Redmond, 35-40 percent of our drinking water comes from groundwater wells located in the City. The groundwater is in a shallow aquifer located beneath downtown and north and east in the Bear Creek and Evans Creek valleys.

The City has developed an updated groundwater model of Redmond’s drinking water aquifer system using best available science. The model uses more than 10 years of aquifer data collected to better understand and predict groundwater flow in the aquifer. As a result, modifications to the Wellhead Protection Zones are expected.

Redmond is convening a Sounding Board of diverse perspectives to learn about the groundwater model and to provide feedback on model prediction scenarios. The Sounding Board will participate in a series of meetings this spring/summer to help make decisions related to some of the model settings. This Online Open House is designed to inform you and capture feedback you may have about the updated groundwater model.

In this online open house you can:

  • Learn about the updated groundwater model process and potential outcomes.
  • Understand how the City implements policy based on model outcomes.
  • Learn about Redmond’s groundwater and how we protect this important natural resource.
  • Provide comments to help inform the process.

How to use this open house:

  • Visit the tabbed "stations" at the top of the page.
  • Click the "next" button or select any tab at the top of the page to move between stations.
  • Click on links to explore more details.